April 20, 2016

Bethel 6months

Here she is. In all her glory. My sweet baby girl. Getting a little personal today. I’m not sure that words can really sum up what these last 6 months have been like with her in our lives. Bethel Annette came into this world on October 6th, 2015 and I’ve been beaming with joy ever since. Yes, even though the sleepless nights because she still refuses to sleep through the night 🙂 For most of her life, most people have commented to me that she is such a happy baby — or that they have never seen her cry. (Which is totally not true, haha!) I always respond that it is God’s grace in my life because he knows how hard my boys are 🙂 (Crying over wrong colored sippy cup, anyone?!)

But I will say this, Bethel Annette, at just 6 months old, has a heart of gold and a joy that NOBODY can squelch. There is this deep, deep joy in her heart that comes out of nowhere and encourages everyone in our family to slow down, take a breath, and be thankful. My prayer over her every night is that she would allow NOTHING to take away her joy – because that is what truly marks her out. Not only that, but BETHEL means HOUSE OF GOD. Jared & I wanted to speak over her life that she would be marked by presence of our God. We believe it everyday. We speak life into her and encourage our boys to do the same.


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